Contracting & Purchasing


The General Counsel’s Office is responsible to ensure contracts entered into are consistent with the law and/or written directives, that the language of the contract fulfills the purpose of the St. Lucie County Sheriff’s Office and the interests of the Sheriff are protected. 

A contract review and approval process must be completed prior to the execution of any contract, including renewals and contracts initiated within the agency or received from outside. 

Required for all contracts is the St. Lucie County Sheriff’s Office Additional Terms and Conditions Addendum: 

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Office of the General Counsel

General Counsel (772) 462-3225

Contract Assistant (772) 462-3283



The Purchasing Department is responsible for procurement of services and supplies for the Sheriff’s Office. A purchase order will be issued for every purchase requisition, except for purchases authorized on credit cards. 

1. Email invoices to: or: St Lucie County Sheriff, Attn: Accounts Payable, 4700 W Midway Road, Ft. Pierce, FL 34981

2. Invoices and Packages must bear the PO Order No. above

3. Purchases may not exceed the total amount of this order without prior approval by the Purchasing Dept.

4. Acceptance of purchase orders and all business includes acceptance of all terms, prices, delivery instructions, specifications and conditions, and St. Lucie County Sheriff’s Additional Terms and Conditions Addendum provided at

5. State tax exempt# 66-020017736-53C  EIN: 59-6000838

6. If you have questions, please call 72/462-3211.

7. Please provide SDS Sheets with all hazardous chemical orders. ****SDS Sheets***

***Please email W-9’s to: