Disaster Recovery

Do I Need a Permit?

Any structural damage, including but not limited to fences, sheds, roofs, and aluminum enclosures will require a building permit. If only a screen has been torn or two sections of fence or less has been damaged a permit is not required. For questions on whether a permit is required please contact St. Lucie County Permitting at 772-462-1553.

How to Avoid Contractor Fraud

Do not become a victim of contractor fraud. All contractors must be licensed for the type of work that they do. Contractors must also be registered with the St. Lucie County. If you want to check to make sure a contractor is properly licensed, please contact 772-462-1571 to ensure that you are protected.


**All repairs and work that requires a permit, must be inspected by the County. Make sure that your contractor calls for inspections. This should be part of your contract.

Learn More

Learn what a handyman is permitted (PDF) to do according to St. Lucie County's code. Note: each city may require their own license and have their own requirements.