Barrier Island Re-Entry Program

The St Lucie County Disaster Re-Entry Program has been established for residents of our barrier islands to alleviate confusion after an evacuation. 

Effective with the 2019 Hurricane Season that begins on June 1, residents and property owners of both North and South Hutchinson Island will no longer need a Barrier Island Re-Entry Placard following evacuation for a hurricane.

Once a storm has passed and county officials determine it is safe to access the barrier islands, residents and/or homeowners will be required to stop at the check-point and present two documents to justify their access. These documents include a utility bill, insurance declaration or property tax statement along with a government-issued photo identification.

Property management staff or employees that need to access the island should obtain a letter on company letterhead stating their name and purpose for entering the island and should also provide a government-issued photo identification.  Employers and/or management companies can call the Crime Prevention Unit at (772) 871-5303 to have your employees added to a registration list.

Anyone with questions regarding this process may contact the Crime Prevention Unit at (772) 871-5303.