Program Objectives

The intent of Law Enforcement Exploring is to educate and involve youth in Law Enforcement operations and to interest them in Law Enforcement functions, whether they enter Law Enforcement career or not. Through involvement, the Law Enforcement Explorer program establishes an awareness of the complexities of law Enforcement service. The presence of a Law Enforcement Explorer Post within any agency can be a positive factor in influencing departmental attitudes, both internally and externally. Post members are given opportunities to see first-hand the efforts of commissioned personnel.

Later, they share their observations with their peer group. Because Explorers are in the impressionable years of young adulthood, it is here that the basic tenets of civic responsibility can best be instilled. Additionally, commissioned personnel normally exposed to youth involved with criminal offenses can observe and experience the positive side of our community's youth. Exploring provides the Law enforcement community an opportunity to further an investment in its own future through relationships with fit and capable young adults.