Citizens Academy

The St. Lucie County Sheriff's Office encourages citizen interest and involvement in the law enforcement process and daily activities of its deputies. To assist in educating citizens, the agency offers a Citizens Academy. The Sheriff's Office has two academies a year, one in the spring and one in the fall. We are currently accepting applications.


The Citizens Academy is a twelve-week overview of the entire law enforcement process from the patrol level of operations through the judicial and detention systems. Students will learn basic concepts to promote a better understanding of the functions of law enforcement.

Classes are held one night each week from the beginning to the end of the Academy with two classes held on Saturdays. It is important that each student attend all training; however, we know that scheduling can be difficult. Students will be allowed to miss 10% or four hours of training. Students missing more than four hours will not graduate.


Because class size is limited to twenty-five students, submitting an application does not guarantee acceptance in the class. Upon receipt of the application, it will be reviewed and processed for a background inquiry. Students selected for the Citizens Academy will be notified by mail.

Photo Gallery

Here you can find past Citizens Academy classes.