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 April 19th, 2012  
St. Lucie County Sheriff's investigators shut down elaborate marijuana "grow house" in north-county residential neighborhood, Sheriff Mascara announces
St. Lucie County Sheriff's drug investigators shut down an elaborate marijuana "grow house" in the north-county Lakewood Park neighborhood Thursday afternoon and arrested the admitted marijuana grower," according to Sheriff Ken J. Mascara.

"We have charged David Paul Sullivan, of 6901 Brookline Ave., Fort Pierce, with cultivation and trafficking in marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia," Sheriff Mascara said. "We will seek out and shut down illegal drug operations such as this wherever we find them in St. Lucie County ."

Sullivan is confined at the St. Lucie County jail under $83,250 bond.

The grow house was located at 7503 North Boulevard, about half a mile from Sullivan's home, Sheriff Mascara said.

The North Boulevard's three bedrooms had been re-modeled to for marijuana growing. Special lighting hung above the tables of plants. The walls were covered with reflective material to intensify the effect of the lights. Fans blew carbon dioxide gas over the plants to increase their size and the potency of the plants, which were dosed with fertilizer. Filtered water was pumped into the plastic containers holding the plants.

Deputies confiscated 200 plants ranging in size from a few inches to several feet. Investigators confiscated 2 pounds of harvested marijuana and the plants, which weighed about 23 pounds.

Sullivan admitted running the marijuana growing operation for three years and told deputies he expected to be arrested at some point. * * *

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