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 February 24th, 2012  
Port St. Lucie man held without bond after arrest by St. Lucie County Sheriff's Office Internet crimes detectives, case involved 10th live victim identified in past two years through on line investigations, according to Sheriff Mascara
St. Lucie County Sheriff's Office  investigations of Internet-based sexual predators have led to the discovery of 10 live victims in the past two years.

The 10th victim was identified in the latest investigation resulted in the Thursday night arrest of a 24-year-old Port St. Lucie man, according to Sheriff Ken J. Mascara.

"Protecting the children of this community from being victimized by Internet-based sexual offenders is one of our highest priorities," Sheriff Mascara said following the arrest late Thursday night of William C. Brezinski, of 1343 S.W. Bellevue Ave., Port St. Lucie. "In this case, the defendant not only was downloading and transmitting child pornography over the Internet, but he also molested a child."

Brezinski is being held without bond on 10 counts of possession of child pornography, 10 counts of transmission of child pornography, as well as one count of capital sexual battery and two counts of lewd and lascivious behavior on a victim less than 16 year old. He will have a bond hearing Saturday morning.

A conviction for capital sexual battery carries with it a mandatorysentence of  life in prison.

His victim was a 15-month-old female child.

Investigators Thursday served a search warrant at the Brezinski home where he lives with his mother. Brezinski admitted to detectives that he had been downloading child pornography from the Internet for 11 years and that he also transmitted child pornography over the Internet.

Additional questioning indicated that he had committed sex acts on the 15-month old girl.

The investigation is continuing, and there may be additional charges, according to Sheriff Mascara

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