Emergencies: 911


Department of Law Enforcement
The Department of Law Enforcement is comprised of Criminal Investigations, Patrol Operations, Crisis Negotiations, and Special Weopons and Tactics (S.W.A.T.).

Bomb Disposal
Stabilizes suspected explosive devises and transports them to a safe place for disposal.

Crisis Negotiations
Utilizes strategies based on established procedures in responding to and negotiating at critical incidents involving barricaded subjects or hostage situations.
Special Weapons and Tactics (S.W.A.T.)
Responds to any situation that involves snipers, barricaded suspects, hostage taking, or any other activity beyond the capability of standard law enforcement resources.
Criminal Investigations Division
Responsible for follow-up investigations and review of all reported criminal offenses. Includes General Investigations, Special Investigations, and Shooting Investigations.

Shooting Investigations
Investigates the discharge of any firearms involving Sheriff's Office members.

District Criminal Investigations

Crime Analysis
Handles the analysis of crime data and reporting


Investigative Services
This unit assists our detectives with investigations


Persons Crimes
Investigates crimes against persons, and property crimes. Assists victims of crimes. Executes active warrants. Collects, collates, and analyzes crime data.


Property Crimes
Investigates property crimes.


Technical Services
This is our crime scence unit. Provides technical service in the areas of crime scene, photography, identification, fingerprinting, and evidence.

Special Investigations
Conducts investigations of organized crime including prostitution, illegal gambling, and narcotics. Collects and analyzes criminal intelligence. Provides tactical enforcement in combating street crime problems and suppressing or reducing drug traffic.

Agriculture Crimes
Responsible for agriculture crimes including theft, burglary, vandalism, and trespassing. Also enforces laws in animal industry and welfare, citrus, environmental, and forestry.


Auto Theft Investigations
Investigates auto theft cases including V.I.N., registration, title, and speedometer fraud.


Organized Crime
Responsible for identifying and/or combating the criminal activities of traditional organized crime, narcotic cartels, and other organized criminal factions and for collecting and analyzing intelligence data.

Tactical Enforcement
Responsible for assisting municipalities and unincorporated areas in combating daily street crime problems and suppressing or reducing drug trafficking. They have trained narcotic K-9 dogs available to assist local, state, and federal agencies. They are also available to assist other units by augmenting staff.

Warrant Execution
Executes active warrants in the Sheriff’s Office database.

Patrol Operations
Handles proactive and directive patrols. Provides emergency services throughout St. Lucie County. Encompasses Aviation/Marine, Bomb Disposal, Canine, Crime Prevention, Crime Stoppers, North and South Districts Uniform Patrol, Traffic, the Reserve Deputy Program, and Underwater Search and Rescue.

Provides helicopter and fixed wing support, including air surveillance, traffic monitoring, and medivac services. Utilizes marked patrol vessels to monitor waterways and assist vessels in distress. Assists other agencies with narcotics interdiction.


Responds to situations requiring police dogs, which includes building and area searches, apprehension of fleeing suspects, and lost and missing person searches.


North & South Districts Uniform Patrol
Patrols and answers calls for service through 911 communications.


Investigates motor vehicle accidents, conducts selective enforcement projects, supervises school crossing guards, operates Breath Alcohol Testing Mobile Unit, and provides traffic and parking enforcement.


Reserve Deputy Unit
Part-time law enforcement deputies supplement the regular operations of the agency by patrolling ranch and grove areas, conducting close patrols on homes and businesses, and providing services at special events.


Underwater Search and Recovery Team
Locates and recovers evidence and remains in canals, intracoastal waterways, lakes, and the ocean.


crime stoppers